Wednesday, 30 April 2014

What 4G can do that 3G can't.

Because 4G is so much faster and stronger than a normal 3G signal, it means you can do things with 4G that just aren't possible on 3G.

Video Streaming.

Netflix, YouTube.

Thanks to the super fast download speeds, streaming videos using apps, and even through web browsers, is far better. Videos will start much faster as they won't have to load for as long, and they also won't stop half way through anymore because 4G is a more constant and reliable connection than 3G. 4G also means you can stream better quality videos for a sharper viewing experience, and still keep the image smooth and clear.


8Tracks, TuneIn Radio.

In short, any internet radio app will run much better on 4G. Instead of having to wait for a station to load, they'll load in a second or two, meaning switching radio stations won't take as long. The feed will also stream smoothly, without the gaps or stuttering you often get on 3G.

Mapping & routing.

Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Maps.

If you've just got off the tube and have no idea where you need to go, 4G is your saviour. Because the internet connection is faster than 3G, new maps will update practically instantaneously. Using 3G, you might have walked in the wrong direction for some time before the app was able to update and give an accurate location.

Email attachments and photo sharing.

Gmail, Outlook, Instagram, Facebook.

Sending a huge attachment full of your holiday snaps to your family? Or maybe you're uploading the album to Facebook for everyone to see. With 3G, large email attachments could take minutes to send, and if you're posting a collection of photos to Facebook, that spinning icon might stay on the screen for ages. With 4G you won't have to wait – big emails will send straight away, and photos uploaded to sites like Instagram and Facebook will appear instantly.


Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Windows Store, BlackBerry® World.

4G means you can download apps in a matter of seconds. Perhaps you want to search for a flight on your lunch break – just download an app like Skyscanner in seconds. You don't have to wait to be near a Wi-Fi connection with 4G. Maybe you're waiting at the airport, and want a game to pass the time. Download games in seconds, and it'll be there for your flight. If you want something, with 4G you can get it right away.

Video sharing

Whatsapp, ChatON.

Sending a picture to a friend, or even a short video, but in a hurry? With 3G, that upload bar can take a while to complete, and if all you're trying to do is send a good high res shot of the car you're about to buy to your dad for a second opinion…you'll want 4G. It'll upload and send the photo up to 5 times faster.

Internet voice and video calls.

Skype, Viber, FaceTime.

At the moment, most people venture indoors to find a Wi-Fi connection in order to get a decent video call going as 3G isn't quite powerful enough. When you're using 4G, because both the download and the upload rate is up to 5 times faster, you can take a video call anywhere to show off the dress you're thinking of buying, the bar you're in, or just to say hi.

Tethering and mobile hotspots.

Tethering is the feature in many smartphones that lets you share the internet connection of your smartphone with Wi-Fi enabled devices. So, if you're out with your laptop and just need to get online, you can tether. While 3G can do this, it's nothing compared to tethering with 4G. With 4G, the speed on your phone whilst tethered to your laptop is good enough that you could use both at the same time, perhaps streaming a movie on your laptop while checking out Facebook on your phone.
4G is actually so fast that you can tether three, four, five or more devices, and still have them all running YouTube videos or whatever else you want to do. So, if you're out with friends and you all want to get online, just tether using 4G.

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